It’s often a great home improvement idea to consider installing a new fence around your property. It can help to make sure children, pets and livestock don’t escape your premises, and it also can help keep out intruders, strangers, pesky neighbor kids, stray animals and some pests. A fence can also help increase value for your home with an additional measure of security.

When looking to build a fence from the best fence company in Sacramento, the two most common options are mesh and wood fences. Both are considered durable and reliable in their own unique ways, but which fence is right for you?

About Wood Fences

Wood is a very durable and customizable fence option for homes. Not only does it come with no give like mesh or chain link fences, you can choose how high you want your fence to be to better repel intruders, control noise and increase privacy.

Wood fences have a natural look and feel, and can also be stained or painted to add great curb appeal to your yard. Wood can also be designed into custom shapes to further give your outdoor space more personality and style.

Wood fences are a great choice when it comes to privacy, as you can spend time in your yard without attracting a crowd from other people’s property. You can play outside, relax, or do other activities with slim to no chance of attracting spectators.

About Mesh Fences

Mesh fences, in comparison to wood, are more affordable overall. They’re easier to make and their resources are more abundant in comparison, so this is typically the choice of fence to consider if budget is the biggest priority.

Even though metal is a harder material than wood, the construction makes this fence more forgiving if people or pets were to collide with the fence. The give allows more impact to be absorbed, reducing the chance of serious injury should accidents or horseplay occur.

While this type of fence is not intended for privacy, it can allow light to enter your yard naturally. When you want picturesque areas of your yard or are trying to grow crops, the chain links permit light while still giving you some security. The see-through nature of this fence can also allow you to still see what’s going on around your property, so you can see when vistors arrive at your property, like the mailman.

Why Choose A Wood Fence?

Choose a wood fence if you want a fence that makes your home look more beautiful. You should also consider this fence if privacy is a big concern. If you want a high fence option, wood fences typically offer them whereas mesh fences typically don’t.

Why Choose A Mesh Chain Link Fence?

Choose a mesh chain link fence if you want the least expensive fence option there is. Chain link fences are also safer than wood fences for roughhousing children and pets. Get a chain link fence if you also find it important to permit light to enter your yard or still want to see out your property line to know what’s going on around your home.


Two of the most popular fence options for homes are wood and mesh chain link. Both fence types differ from one another in terms of safety, customization, privacy, and costs. Both fences also last at least more than a decade before you need to replace them, so consider these two options carefully for the right choice for you and your home in Sacramento.